Friday, 13 January 2017

Godh: in the lap of nature, a collaborative drawing project

Photography by Atul Dube
An additional layer to my time in Delhi has been undertaking a collaborative drawing project, Godh: in the lap of nature presented in Kochi during the Kochi-Muziris Biennale. The work was shown within Common Ground: the serendipitous happenstance project curated by Helen Rayment at OED Gallery which opened on schedule December 10th, 2016.

I had written about our project in the previous blog. The results of several months of weekly drawing workshops and discussions were transformed digitally into large format prints on cotton using eco-solvent ink. There has been great response to the work with viewers being both charmed with the subject matter, concept and freshness of the work which does capture a sense of being a truly collaborative undertaking. 

Photography by Atul Dube (Detail)     
It was always our intention to create a new shared space that captured the memories of the diverse landscape of our childhoods. My experience of being in and surrounded by the natural world in Gippsland Australia, was significant and shared by the others, Pushpa Kumari, Pradyumna Kumar and Ishan Khosla. Although our childhoods happened in very different regions, all were suffused by experiences with plant forms, domestic pets and animals and open spaces. I believe the panels created something of a dream landscape of our collective memories…

Photography Atul Dube

The selection of a coated cotton material for the image support has a paper-like quality that reflects the original genesis of the projects drawn imagery. These works are presented as an editioned suite available for purchase individually or in their entirety. We are currently developing a further extension of the suite in collaboration with a master screen printer in Delhi.

The panels were hung in a more restrained presentation to work as part of a group exhibition in this idiosyncratic space. It will be good to have an opportunity to explore presenting the work as a solo installation in subsequent venues. Stay tuned!

Common Ground: the serendipitous happenstance project remains on display at OED Gallery during the entire KMB, until March 29, 2017. Do drop by the gallery if you are visiting Kochi for the Biennale.
For more information or to enquire about purchasing the works contact me directly via this blog or my website.